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Brass Support Products
Brass Support Products can be availed in different shapes, sizes, surface finishes and design based choices. This product range is basically used for cutting and machining purpose. These brass supporting accessories have wide applications in different fields of engineering.
Pass Profile Templates
Made of steel, Pass Profile Templates are basically gauging instruments that are used for determining dimensional accuracy of metal work pieces. These tools are suitable for commercial and industrial application purposes.
ER Collets are basically used as suitable holders for rotatable components of machines. These precisely shaped collets are offered with oil treated and corrosion protected surface for their long service life.
Copper Electrodes
Copper Electrodes are well known for their high electrical conductivity level. Suitable for high voltage application purpose, these electrodes have significant role in establishing connection with semi conductor and electrolyte.

TMT Rib Cutting & Roll Branding
TMT Rib Cutting & Roll Branding systems have been specially designed to suit specific production requirements of relevant field Advanced rib cutting mechanism of these machines ensures to maintain uniform distribution of load across the TMT bars that need to cut.

We Mainly Export to Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka.
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