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Name Branding Copper Electrodes
Name Branding Copper Electrodes, forged from high-quality copper alloy, ensure durability and conductivity. Customizable dimensions meet specific needs, with a standard length and thickness of 40mm. Featuring a copper finish, they carry a 6-month warranty. Essential for electric branding irons, they imprint logos and identifiers onto materials, ensuring traceability and brand recognition in agriculture, forestry, and manufacturing.
Arbour For CNC Notching Machine
The Arbour for CNC Notching Machine is a sturdy component essential for precise metal notching. Its strength lies in its robust construction and advanced CNC technology, ensuring accurate and efficient notching operations. Widely used in metalworking industries, it facilitates precise notching of various materials, enhancing productivity and quality in manufacturing processes.
Brass Support Products
Brass Support Products can be availed in different shapes, sizes, surface finishes and design based choices. This product range is basically used for cutting and machining purpose. These brass supporting accessories have wide applications in different fields of engineering.
Carbide Notching Tools
Our carbide notching tools, featuring a shaft and tip, notch metal surfaces effectively. Metalworking shops commonly use them to cut various shapes like square, rectangular, or round notches. Ideal for creating holes for bolts or screws, these tools are versatile for metal sheets, tube edges, or central surfaces.
PCD Notching Tools
PCD Notching Tools are kinds of precision instruments tailored for efficient notching of tungsten carbide rolls in industrial settings. With diamond-tipped edges, they ensure durability and accuracy, vital for steel, automotive, and aerospace industries. These tools enhance product quality and performance, crucial for high-precision machining operations.
PCD Grinding Wheel
PCD grinding wheels, equipped with diamond tips, are specialized for carbide tools. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) offers enhanced durability. Primarily used for grinding hard metals like tool and stainless steel, they're essential in workshops for cutting and shaping various workpieces, including intricate ones, while the pitch circle diameter determines wheel fitment.
CBN Inserts
CBN inserts excel in continuous cutting of hardened steels, powdered metals, cast irons, and super alloys. Precision-ground for sub-micron finishes, they rival diamond in hardness and heat resistance. These inserts extend tool life and can substitute grinding, finding utility in diverse processes for ferrous and non-ferrous materials, composites, and more, available in various sizes and forms.

CBN Insert Hodlers
CBN Insert Holders, crafted from carbon steel, feature a sleek silver hue. Renowned for strength, they securely grip CBN inserts, enhancing machining precision and durability. Leveraging advanced technology, these holders find widespread use in industries requiring high-performance cutting and grinding processes, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
Pass Profile Templates
Made of steel, Pass Profile Templates are basically gauging instruments that are used for determining dimensional accuracy of metal work pieces. These tools are suitable for commercial and industrial application purposes.
Arbour Centre Assembly
The Arbour Center Assembly, crucial in machining, integrates an arbor shaft with tooling components. Crafted from selected steel or aluminum, it boasts precise dimensions and polished finish, reducing friction. This assembly securely holds cutting tools, facilitating milling, drilling, and grinding in manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries, guaranteeing precision and efficiency.
ER Collets are basically used as suitable holders for rotatable components of machines. These precisely shaped collets are offered with oil treated and corrosion protected surface for their long service life.
Copper Electrodes
Copper Electrodes are well known for their high electrical conductivity level. Suitable for high voltage application purpose, these electrodes have significant role in establishing connection with semi conductor and electrolyte.

TMT Rib Cutting & Roll Branding
TMT Rib Cutting & Roll Branding systems have been specially designed to suit specific production requirements of relevant field Advanced rib cutting mechanism of these machines ensures to maintain uniform distribution of load across the TMT bars that need to cut.

Electrodes Holder
Electrode holders, vital in welding, boast robust construction for enduring strength. They securely grip electrodes, facilitating precise and stable welding operations. Utilizing advanced technology, these holders ensure reliable current transmission and user safety. Widely employed across industries, they support various welding applications, from construction to automotive manufacturing, ensuring efficiency and quality.

We Mainly Export to Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka.
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