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PCD Grinding Wheel

PCD grinding wheels are a specific kind of diamond-tipped grinding wheel intended for use with carbide-tipped equipment. Polycrystalline diamond, or PCD for short, is a type of diamond made by joining together several smaller diamonds to form a single, bigger diamond. These are basically used for grinding and polishing hard metals like tool steel and stainless steel. These wheels are used in a workshop to cut and grind different types of metal and other workpieces. PCD grinding wheels are also used to cut and shape complicated workpieces. The diameter of the circle that goes through the centre of all the studs, wheel bolts, or wheel rim holes is known as the pitch circle diameter.

Grinding Wheel For PCD Tool Grinding

  • Shape:Round
  • Size:Standard
  • Hardness:Yes
  • Material:High Speed Steel
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Color:Silver
Price: 5500 INR

We Mainly Export to Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka.
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